Monday 10 August 2020

Imperial Light Horse

I haven’t been able to find anyone who produces a 20mm Imperial Light Horse figure in metal so have had to resort to modifying the Frontier Light Horse figure from Newline Designs. To this end, I have snipped off the left side of the hat brim and re-built it in a turned-up position using Magic Sculp. Not a huge amount of conversion work but fiddly all the same.

The figure on the left is Newline Designs Zulu War Frontier Light Horse, the painted figure is my Imperial Light Horse "conversion" of same.

I need a 12-figure unit of dismounted Imperial Light Horse for my Elandslaagte scenario as they played an important part in the real battle (the regiment was awarded two Victoria Cross medals following the action). Now I just need to give the same treatment to the remaining 11 figures.