Friday 3 June 2022

The Boer War Atlas

Having just marked a significant birthday (the one where the government start to pay you for doing nothing) I was pleased to receive, among other things, a copy of Chris Ash’s magnificent The Boer War Atlas.

A lavish production (hardback 36cm x 30cm) and absolutely worth the cover price.

I’m more than impressed by the scope and detail in this book with over 100 excellent maps meticulously drawn by the author showing both strategic movements and battle deployments. For a wargamer it is a treasure trove.

This is a detail from one of the Modder River maps - I wish I'd had the book when I was drawing up my game scenario!

The author has been careful to devote half the book to the guerrilla phase of the war so apart from the main battles there are many other actions depicted I had never heard of and some much larger in scope than I had realised. There’s so much potential for devising scenarios that I’m really going to be spoilt for choice.