Thursday, 15 October 2020

Elandslagaate – Scenario

Special Rules
1. In the real battle British Generals French and Hamilton displayed unusual common sense by insisting all the infantry maintain extended order to minimise casualties. Rule: British troops are not subject to the bunching rule and remain in extended order throughout the game.
2. At this early stage of the war officers still displayed obvious signs of rank making them easy targets for Boer marksmen. Rule: Officers become casualties from rifle fire on a die roll of 1, 2 or 3 (rather than the normal 1 or 2). This rule does not apply to the Imperial Light Horse.
3. In the actual battle, the British flanking force advancing along the hill became held up by barbed wire fences near the farm. Rule: It takes a whole turn for a unit to cross the barbed wire fence, during this turn the unit will count as being in close order if fired upon.
4. There was an infamous event during the battle when Boers waved a white flag then opened fire on the British as they moved up to accept the surrender. Rule: Once during the game a Boer unit within 12” of a British unit may wave a white flag (at the start of the turn), the British must move forward 6” and then receive full fire from the Boers without retaliation (all pin markers are removed from the British unit prior to movement).
5. The Imperial Light Horse were awarded two Victoria Cross medals for their gallantry during the battle. Rule: The Imperial Light Horse do not receive PINs in this game.
6. The 5th Lancers famously charged the retreating Boers at the end of the battle inflicting many casualties. Rule: All fleeing Boers must exit the table to the left, the 5th Lancers may charge these (provided they are within 15”) without making the usual Melee die roll. If contacted the Boers are eliminated.

Order of Battle

British C-in-C Major General French
Devonshire Regiment
Manchester Regiment
Gordon Highlanders
Imperial Light Horse
5th Lancers
2 x Batteries Royal Field Artillery

Boer C-in-C Commandant Kock
Ross Commando
Jacklex Commando
Newline Commando
Field Artillery

Victory Conditions
If the Boers have not been defeated by the end of turn 12 the game ends in a British defeat.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, what can possibly go wrong this time!

  2. Nicely set out of your terrain and figures Ian. Looking forward to the future Battle Report. Regards. KEV.

    1. Thanks Kev, I'm looking forward to the game!

  3. That all looks good.

    Given the ability of the Boers to do things the British didn't expect, it would be interesting to have some one give you some different special rules for a future refight, each sealed and then randomly pick one mid game.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the post game reports.

    1. An interesting idea, you may have just volunteered yourself for that one!

  4. So has M&M gone colonial now? I've got a bunch of Sudan stuff to do as my lock-down II project. I'm going to use The Men Who Would Be Kings as the figure count is reasonable and they have solo rules included

  5. Stuart, they have sort of! The rules are called "Maxims & Mausers" - let me know if you want a copy.