Saturday, 8 October 2016

Rebasing already

Here I go rebasing again! This is a group of 3 Jacklex Boers lurking near a Kopje no doubt waiting to give fire on some poor Tommy Atkins.

On discussion (with Roy) I’ve decided on a more traditional approach to basing my Boer War armies. A standard infantry base will be 60mm x 20mm and will hold 3 Boers or 4 British. Each unit will have one base split to allow for casualty removal and officers and commandants will be individually mounted on 20mm circular bases.

A Boer Commando will be 12 figures plus 1 commandant and British units will be 24 figures with 3 officers. I’m going a bit heavy on officers because my rules will have a strong rallying element for the British with officers trying to prevent their unit from getting pinned by Boer fire. I’ve got a half fleshed out set of rules now but more on that in another post.

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