Saturday, 1 October 2016


I received my first proper order from Jacklex a few days ago and I couldn’t resist adding in these 6 oxen to pull my Voortrekker wagon. They really are superb little models and I think the wagon will look great with these added to pull it over the veldt.

Also in the order were enough British figures in the running pose to make a full 24 figure unit and some more Boers to flesh out a commando or two. I’ve also taken delivery of a unit of firing British infantry from Raventhorpe so I have plenty of figures to get on with. Now I just need to find some painting time!


  1. Conrad - I've been pretty disciplined over the last few years sticking with my Napoleonic project because time is too limited for me to undertake two projects at the same time. It remains to be seen how far I'll get with this one!

  2. These are really ay to paint...would only take five minutes per Boer, ten minutes per Brit!

    1. They're certainly quicker than Napoleonics Roy but I doubt if I'll get up to that speed!