Sunday, 13 August 2017

Suffolk’s on parade

The 1st battalion the Suffolk regiment is complete and are now being put through their drill prior to embarking for South Africa. The Suffolk’s didn’t actually take part in any of the battles in 1899 so I may have to stretch reality a bit to let them take part in my planned campaigns.

The battalion in close column, officers to the front. Roy's right, they
do look a bit like flapping seagulls!
Deployed in line and ready to advance.
Extended order - this new fangled formation is frowned
upon by the senior NCO's.
A half battalion - some scenarios will call for smaller British units.
The sergeant major on the right is sensibly carrying a rifle to
make himself a less conspicuous target. The officers however
may not last long once the mausers start firing.

I’m really pleased to have finished one British unit and hope to start on the next one soon. In the meantime I need to return to the Napoleonic figures on my painting desk who are feeling a little bit neglected.


    Good on helmet flashes

    1. That was interesting thanks Roy. The flashes I have added to these figures are a generic red with a white dot but I will look at doing variations for my other units. Quite nice to see that really I can just make these up as few contemporary records appear to be available!

  2. Good to see some moustaches on the command figures! They know the men will be able to detect a wobbly upper lip in times of crisis!

    1. They'll be no wobbling in the Suffolks, I can assure you!