Friday 26 January 2024

Time for a Parade

While the troops catch a bit of a breather I thought it might be a good time for a parade. First up the Boers.

The army totals 95 pieces. They are a mixture of Newline Designs, Jacklex, Raventhorpe Miniatures, Strelets and Scruby. They have all been painted by me except for the Scruby figures donated by Ross. There are:

4 x 13 Commandos (foot)
1 x 13 Commando (mounted)
2 x Field Guns
2 x Pom Poms
1 x Long Tom
1 x Wagon
2 x Command Stands

And now the Soldiers of the Queen...

The army totals 259 pieces. They are a mixture of Newline Designs, Jacklex and Raventhorpe Miniatures. They have all been painted by me except for the cavalry and the firing 'Guardsmen' painted by Matt G. There are:

6 x 27 Infantry Battalions
2 x 13 Half-Battalions
1 x 13 Lancers
4 x Field Guns
2 x Limbers
1 x 4.7" Naval Gun
2 x Maxim Guns
5 x Command Stands

Take a bow lads!


  1. Very complete armies there IAN- a great project- well done.

    1. Thanks Kev, the armies (the British in particular) have grown bigger than I initially intended but that does tend to happen in this hobby!

  2. They may have grown but that is quite a modest force for delivering a rather good campaign. It is one of the few colonial campaigns where the British/Imperial army represents the bulk of the figures required.

    1. Yes, it was another good decision as a Colonial choice as I didn't want to paint 1,000 Zulus!

  3. Wonderful forces Ian! Painted beautifully with just the right amount of detail! The blend of manufacturers works perfectly together and makes for very thorough representations of the troops involved! An excellent collection that is greatly envied by me!

    1. Thanks Brad, I deliberately kept the detail level down on the painting as I get enough of that with my Napoleonic armies!

  4. Inspirational, Ian. I'm thinking I might have a go at a solo campaign with my Boxer Rebellion collection!

    1. Good idea Bob! My one bit of advice would be to keep the rules simple and let the dice decide!

  5. Nice to see the full collection on display

  6. A splendid parade Ian…
    All the best. Aly

  7. How doesn't love a parade?