Thursday, 22 September 2022

Stormberg - The Game

The sun is coming up and the Boers on the Kissieberg Kopje are keeping a sharp lookout.
So far however Gatacre's force has remained undetected.

On they come, still deployed in close columns following their night march.

The British artillery remains silent as they cannot make out any targets on the Kopje in the early morning light.

Turn 2 and the Mausers spring into action causing casualties in both British battalions. A low morale throw has also resulted in an early PIN for the Royal Irish Rifles.

Further bad news for Gatacre - the Grobelaar Commando appears on Steynsberg Kopje directly in the British rear.
The dismounted MI turn to face the new threat and try to protect the guns.

While the infantry shake out into a battle line (although the Royal Irish Rifles are hampered in this due to having now accumulated 2 PINs).

However, an artillery hit on the Ollivier Commando forces a morale test that sees 3 Boers take to their ponies and flee (they rolled a 1).

Meanwhile the Northumberland Fusiliers are making steady progress towards the Kissieberg Kopje.

Gatacre tries to steady the Royal Irish Rifles but it was proving hard to rally off those PIN markers.

Turn 4 and another Boer morale die roll of 1 sees the unsupported Grobelaar Commando taking to their ponies and riding off en-masse. This was an unbelievable stroke of luck for the British!
The Northumberland Fusiliers have made it to the base of the Kissieberg Kopje and the lack of PIN markers puts them in a great position to make a charge.

The Royal Irish Fusiliers are now too far behind the Northumberlands to lend any support.
With their infantry so close to the enemy the British artillery ceases fire.
The Northumberland Fusiliers charge the Boers and force the whole Commando to fall back.
This was technically a win for the British but I decided to play one more turn to allow a second charge.
This time General Ollivier and his Commando were completely overrun and eliminated.
Not such a Black Week after all!

Another roller-coaster of a game with some lucky die rolls for the British resulting in a surprising result. It was enjoyable to play proving that a smaller game can be just as much fun as one that uses all my units.

The next game will be Magersfontein but as I need to find time to paint another Highland unit this one may be a way off yet.


  1. A great game proving that the Boer war can be interesting on the tabletop .

    1. Thanks GS, its the perfect period for solo wargaming and I've had a lot of fun with these games.

  2. Excellent game Ian! It was very exciting indeed, and quite surprising too! Very enjoyable from beginning to end, well done!

    1. It was definitely a surprise win for the British, lets hope they can do as well at Magersfontein!

  3. Very nice going IAN - superb miniatures -well done!

  4. "Just the way we planned it ". Sometimes you just can't beat being lucky and that does make this sort of game worthwhile. Afterall there was often something lucky or unlucky in the original ga...errr...battle that inspired the game.

    1. I think the luck element is very important in a solo game to help keep you engaged in play. This game certainly had some crazy twists and turns.

  5. Hurrah! It suggest a more balanced fight than I thougt it would be. Your Boer War gaming is so tempting.

    1. I try to balance the scenarios so that both sides have a chance however, until battle is joined, I never know if it is going to work!