Friday 10 November 2023

Biggarsberg - The Aftermath

The casualty recovery dice rolls turned out to be not as bad as I feared for the British although Yule's Maxim Gun was lost (my original recovery rules allowed for full recovery of British artillery but I decided to change this to make it the same as the Boers). The revised strengths of all the units involved are given below:

Following the battle I determined that the Boers would withdraw to hex 1407 and the British would advance to hex 1507.

Victory Conditions

As the campaign has developed I can see that the original victory conditions I set are a bit vague and it's unlikely either side could achieve them so I am reformulating them as follows:

The campaign progresses until one side has 20VP more than the other. VPs are awarded as below:

2VP for each enemy infantry unit permanently destroyed (1VP to the Boers for destroying the Lancers, Naval Brigade detachment or Imperial Light Horse)
1VP for each artillery battery, maxim gun or pom-pom destroyed (1 extra VP if the battery is the Long Tom or 4.7" Naval Gun).
1VP for each named commander who becomes a casualty
5VP for each battle won
5VP to the Boers for occupying Harrismith or Helpmakaar
1VP to the Boers for each turn they lay siege to Ladysmith
10VP to the Boers for occupying Ladysmith

On this basis the current VP totals are as follows:

British = 5VP
Boers = 13VP

The Boers are currently in the lead with +8VP


  1. The British are doing much better than I expected. It has been an excellent campaign so far Ian! I look forward to your next installment!

    1. Thanks Brad, this has been an interesting experiment in solo campaigning and I'm learning as I go the best way to run things.

  2. The Empire moves on.
    This really is a cracking campaign and has seriously increased my interest in solo gaming once again.

    (With my social skills that is a plus all round!).

    1. Thanks Matt, I was intrigued as a teenager by Featherstone's (or was it Grant's?) colonial campaign diary and this was partly the inspiration for the game. It has been surprisingly good fun to play!

  3. Your campaign is a real advert for the advantages of solo-gaming; the ability to adapt the rules as you go without debate or guilt is so refreshing.

    1. It is good to be able to adapt as the game progresses so hopefully by the end of this I'll have a decent solo campaign system if I decided t try another.